It’s All About Me

I’ve been an avid reader since I first learned to read.  Some of my earliest memories are of books I loved and read countless times through the years.  Reading transported me from my mundane daily life into a life filled with adventure and fun.

Often, I lived the life of the hero, or heroine, as I journeyed with them through the story.  I laughed and cried when they laughed and cried.  I was excited when they were excited and I was always sad at the end of the journey.  I’ve lived in boxcars, eaten stone soup, found the old clock, worked though a maze of junk to get to my secret hide-out, and ridden on a vacuum cleaner.  As I grew older, my journeys took me across the ocean and around the world.  I’ve lived the lives of royalty, renegades, and rogues.  I never wanted to quit reading to eat or sleep, but I did.

Eventually, I married and had children of my own. I loved reading the children’s classics to them and enjoyed introducing them to all my old friends.  I found I still loved the old stories, but have also grown to enjoy an entirely different point of view.  Today, my reading takes me into the darkest murders and minds of convicts and victims.  I still find myself empathizing with the hero and heroines and receive odd looks from my family when I laugh, or cry, while reading.

Somewhere along the way, I also discovered a love for writing. My early writings consisted of boring accounts of my life and my frustrations.  Writing was an easy way to let off steam and move past disappointments.  As time passed, writing also became a venue to savor the little things that give me pleasure in my family and friends lives and in the world around me.

Thus was born the blog.  I’ve recorded funny stories about my children, myself and my marriage, and our friends.  I’ve opened up and let people see what makes me vulnerable.  I’ve laughed and cried while writing and been sad when remembering.  From this blog, I’ve started writing and am looking forward to publication.

See, I told you this was “it’s all about me”!   I hope you enjoy reading (and commenting) as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing.





Vicky Edwards, B.S.G., M.S.E., M.A.


7 thoughts on “It’s All About Me

  1. I don’t know why but the introducing sentences seem meager and I feel as if they have no substance. Seems to me that the story is choppy and needs to be put together in a way that makes it flow. Other than that the read needed nothing else that I can see and was a satisfying read.

  2. I understand when you say you loose yourself in the book! I love reading to escape because the books take you to a place you couldn’t even imagine! I enjoyed the read!

  3. I never met a person who can loose themselves in books but i’m very impressed. I can see that your life is very satiating and entertaining. I really wish i could pick up a hobby like reading books to increase my spellings, reading ability and knowledge. Everything seems to be together but its just not flowing, if that makes sense.

  4. I find it hard to understand how come I cannot enjoy reading. I wish I could be like people like you but instead I’m more into math. It seems like reading is your free time, but mine for some odd reason is completing one of those difficult math problems.

  5. I agree , reading and writing are ways to relieve stress. It often takes your mind off things and allows you to relax. I myself have gotten lost in a book and have forgotten all my worries. I enjoy reading your short stories because I can relate to a lot of them.

    Thanks for sharing your web page with the class!!!! Keep writing as I look on the later pages they get better and better. I really enjoy reading, you should put longer and more recent stories up .

    Great work by the way!

  6. Before I started to read this one, I thought to myself how much I was enjoying reading these so far and would and want to keep up with the page. I used to love to write when I was very young. I would sell them to my family and neighbors for ten cents. Haha! I enjoyed reading all the time and first got to imagine how life was on the little house on the prairie through the books. Narnia was the most magical place I had ever been to and will probably always be. As an adult and a mom I feel I am just too busy and tired. Reading these make me want to just stop for a little while longer and read a little bit more to my children.

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